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Rental Laws in Berlin

As the housing shortage has made finding an apartment extremely

Essential Info: Dog Ownership in Berlin

💡You are required by law to pick up after your

English-Speaking Vets and Pet Services in Berlin & Brandenburg

English-speaking pet services in Berlin and surrounds that have been

Vet Costs & FAQs for Berliners

Is there a 2023 dog tag for tax? No, the

White Powder Confirmed To Be Poison (Berlin)

A member of the Anti-Bait Taskforce collected a sample of

Emergency Vet List: Berlin & Brandenburg

An English language overview of the veterinary clinics in Berlin and the surrounding region, along with their opening hours.

Digitalization in the Pet Industry

Germany as a whole is not the most digitalized society - well below average when compared to its EU peers - and the pet industry is no exception.

Nutrition: Facts & Myths

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German Public Transport

Travelling with dogs on public transport in Germany has a sort of interesting bureaucratic charm to it. In most European countries, there is a fairly simple system: dogs either travel for free or there is a dog ticket for every situation.

Arriving in Germany / Berlin

Pet Passports Upon arrival at your destination from a non-EU