Essential Info: Dog Ownership in Berlin

Essential Info: Dog Ownership in Berlin
Photo by Segun Famisa / Unsplash
You are required by law to pick up after your dog. Not doing so can result in a fine from the Ordnungsamt. Always have poop bags on you to help keep the city clean :-)

Leash Laws

In general, dogs must be kept on a leash in all public spaces in Berlin. The leash length is required to be maximum 1m within areas of heavy traffic (pedestrian districts, within public buildings, on public transport) and 2m in woodlands or other less inhabited areas. There are officially designated off-leash exercise areas (Hundeauslaufgebiete), a listing is provided below.

Dogs are exempt from leash regulations under the following circumstances in residential or less inhabited areas:

  • If the owner has a "dog license".
  • If the dog was already living in Berlin before the rule came into place (22.07.2016).
  • If the owner is exempt from having a "dog license" (those who have owned a dog continuously for 3 of the last 5 years while never receiving a complaint) - for this they need to have "proof of competence" (Sachkundenachweis).

Muzzle Requirements

On public transport, all dogs (not in a box or carrier) are required to be leashed and muzzled. Additionally, "listed breeds" ((American) Pit Bulls, American Staffordshire Terriers, Bullterriers and their mixes) are required to be muzzled at all times - they are allowed to run free in off-leash areas, but the muzzles must remain on.

Hundeauslaufgebiete / Off-leash Exercise Areas

The most well-known is in Grunewald (the whole section east of the train tracks when you get off at S-Bhf Grunewald) as it the largest off-leash area by far and even has a dog beach to boot. However, there are also smaller parks scattered within the city and other forest areas.

  • Volkspark Wilmersdorf
    Volkspark Wilmersdorf 10715 Berlin - Wilmersdorf
  • Tegeler Weg
    Tegeler Weg / Westhafenkanal 10589 Berlin - Charlottenburg
  • Jungfernheidepark
    Heckerdamm 13627 Berlin - Charlottenburg-Nord
  • P├╝cklerstra├če
    P├╝cklerstra├če 14195 Berlin - Wilmersdorf
  • Grunewald
    H├╝ttenweg 14193 Berlin - Grunewald
    K├Ânigsallee 14193 Berlin - Wilmersdorf
  • Westend
    Spandauer Damm, Ecke Reichsstra├če 14050 Berlin - Westend
  • Volkspark Friedrichshain
    Volkspark Friedrichshain in 10407 Berlin
  • Modersohnstr. / Revaler Str.
    Hundepark Modersohnstra├če/Revaler Stra├če in 10245 Berlin
  • Tierschutzverein Berlin
    Hausvaterweg 39 13057 Berlin - Falkenberg
  • Hundeplatz Lichtenberg
    H├Ânower Weg 17 10319 Berlin - Friedrichsfelde
  • Hohensch├Ânhausen
    Zu den Krugwiesen 13057 Berlin
  • Forsthausallee
    Forsthausallee/ Britzer Zweigkanal in 12437 Berlin
Kreuzberg - Neuk├Âlln
  • Volkspark Hasenheide
    Hasenheide in 10965 Berlin
Mitte - Wedding
  • Volkspark Rehberge
    Volkspark Rehberge 13351 Berlin - Wedding
  • Humboldthain
    Humboldthain 13355 Berlin - Gesundbrunnen
  • Vinetaplatz
    Vinetaplatz 13355 Berlin - Wedding
  • Arkenberge
    Schildower Stra├če 13159 Berlin - Blankenfelde
  • Nature reserve Fauler See
    Naturschutzgebiet Fauler See Berlin Wei├čensee
  • Orankesee
    Orankesee Berlin Wei├čensee
  • Mauerpark
    Mauerpark 10437 Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg
  • Steinbergpark
    Rosentreterpromenade - 13437 Berlin - Wittenau
  • Welfenallee
    Welfenallee 13465 Berlin - Reinickendorf
  • Tegeler Forst
    Hundespielplatz - Ruppiner Chaussee 13465 Berlin - Reinickendorf
  • L├╝bars
    Am Freibad 13469 Berlin - L├╝bars
  • Frohnau
    Welfenallee / Forstweg 13465 Berlin - Frohnau
  • Sch├Ąfersee
    13407 Berlin - Gr├╝nzug am Sch├Ąferseepark (Mudrackzeile/ Stargardtstr.)
  • Forst Jungfernheide
    Kamener Weg 13507 Berlin
  • Seggeluchbecken
    Seggeluchbecken 13435 Berlin
  • Radeland / Hakenfelde
    Cautiusstra├če / Sch├Ânwalder Allee 13587 Berlin - Spandau
  • Koeltzepark
    Am Koeltzepark 13585 Berlin
  • Gro├č-Glienicker See
    Gottfried-Arnold-Weg 14089 Berlin - Kladow
  • Fuchsberge
    Am Dorfwald 14089 Berlin
  • Pichelswerder
    13595 Berlin - Am St├Â├čensee
  • D├╝ppel
    K├Ânigsweg /Am Waldhaus 14129 Berlin
  • Grunewald / Schlachtensee
    H├╝ttenweg 14193 Berlin
  • Nikolskoe
    Pfaueninselchaussee/Nikolskoer Weg 14109 Berlin
  • St├Âlpchensee
    Kohlhasenbr├╝cker Str. 14109 Berlin
Tempelhof - Sch├Âneberg
  • Tempelhofer Feld
    Tempelhofer Damm 103 12099 Berlin - Tempelhof
    (There are three fenced areas here, one near the west entrance and two near the east entrance)
  • Verein Inselhunde
    Tempelhofer Weg 63/64 10829 Berlin - Sch├Âneberg

Hundeverbot! No Dogs Allowed.

Children's playgrounds, museums, concert venues, religious buildings and grocery stores generally prohibit dogs. Cafes, restaurants, and regular shops tend to be quite dog friendly but watch out for signs. A water bowl is usually an indicator for pro-dog businesses. In contrast, places with signs that say "Hundeverbot", "Hunde verboten", "Wir m├╝ssen drau├čen bleiben" or similar mean that your dog is not allowed inside.

Be aware that dog theft is rife in Berlin. It is not recommended to leave your dog unattended or under the supervision of strangers.

There are also certain parks which prohibit dogs or have certain area restrictions:

Charlottenburg - Wilmersdorf
  • Garten Villa Harteneck (Douglasstr. 7/Fontanestr. 15)
Friedrichshain - Kreuzberg
  • Annemirl-Bauer-Platz ┬áTraveplatz
  • Volkspark Friedrichshain (the fenced area between M├Ąrchenbrunnen and Themengarten Wasserlauf)
  • Boxhagener Platz (inner green area)
  • Bethanien open air cinema area
  • Nature experience area "Robinienw├Ąldchen" at M├Âckernstra├če/Hallesche Stra├če
  • Hasenheide (near the animal enclosure)
  • K├Ârnerpark
  • von der Schulenburgpark
  • Schlo├čpark Britz
  • Britzer Garten
Marzahn - Hellersdorf
  • G├Ąrten der Welt
  • Mauerpark (between Gleimstra├če and S-Bahn)
  • Gr├╝nanlage Mendelssohnstra├če (Green space with playground)
  • Blankensteinpark (Green space with playground)
  • Wasserturmplatz (Green space with playground)
  • Kollwitzplatz (Green space with playground)
Steglitz - Zehlendorf
  • Markusplatz (playground)
  • Paul-Ernst-Park and Krumme Lanke (Individual areas around the lakes are fenced off for biotope and shore protection purposes and therefore may not be entered.)
Tempelhof - Sch├Âneberg
  • Franckepark (near the animal enclosure)
  • Cheruskerpark (partial, at the Torgauer Stra├če entrance)


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Alle Hundeauslaufgebiete Berlin
Hier findest du alle Hundeauslaufgebiete in Berlin. F├╝r Gassirunden oder zum Toben ohne Leine.