Weight Gain Recipes

Three high fat recipes to help your dog gain weight or maintain their weight during extended periods of high intensity exercise. Be sure to leave out any ingredients known to be problematic for your dog, and make sure that the weight loss is not caused by medical issues.

DIY Diets: Risk vs Reward

There is a lot less regulation or instruction when it comes to home cooked meals and feeding raw (self-made or commercially bought). While feeding a nutritionally balanced, home-cooked diet for your dog is possible, it is very important to consult with a veterinary nutritionist...

Current Diet Trends

Expense or method of preparation of diet doesn’t necessarily determine quality. There are a lot of controversies out there regarding different diets, and even the most informed veterinary nutritionists do not have all the answers - research continues.

Common Marketing Gimmicks

Facts or fancy wording? Ingredients on food labels often do not directly correlate to the actual nutrients. This is because ingredients are listed in order of weight, so those with a higher water content will often be listed first...

How to Evaluate Food Brands

Conventional, commercial diets include both dry kibble and canned wet food. There are a wide range of diets out there, and choosing one of them can be very difficult if you don't know what to look for beyond the colorful packaging.