Summer Pet Care Workshops

Summer Pet Care Workshops

We are offering 2-hour interactive workshops on show handling, mobility, and city life integration this August in Berlin, Schöneberg.

The ticket price to attend one workshop is 40 euros, and to attend two or more workshops the ticket cost is 35 euros. Purchase your tickets here.

*If you want to bring your dog to a workshop, it must be vaccinated appropriately according to its age and have liability insurance. If you would like to participate with your dog, please fill out this form.

Young & New (City Life Integration)

August 10, 2 - 4pm
Max 10 spaces (4 spaces with a dog* + 1 demo puppy)
  • Temperament Evaluation – A Breeder’s Perspective
  • Fear Periods & Socialization
  • ACTIVITY: Human Introduction to Dogs
  • ACTIVITY: Introducing New Environments
  • Equipment & Training Accessories
  • ACTIVITY: Collar, Harness & Muzzle Fitting
  • ACTIVITY: Muzzle Desensitization
  • ACTIVITY: Nail Trimming Help
  • Leash Handling Strategies
  • Wrap up: Q & A

Dog Show Handling

August 17, 11am - 1pm
Max 12 spaces (3 spaces with a dog*, plus 1 demo dog - outdoor setting)
  • FCI Dog Show & Dog Sport Regulations
  • Show & Training Equipment
  • ACTIVITY: Show Ring Routine
  • Understanding Your Dog’s Structure
  • ACTIVITY: Classic Handling (Hand Stacking)
  • ACTIVITY: American Style Handling (Free Standing)
  • ACTIVITY: European Style Handling (Working Dog Stance)
  • Problem Solving in the Ring
  • Wrap up: Q & A

Mobility Workshop

August 17, 3 - 5pm
Max 10 spaces (2 demo dogs will be present)
  • Ideal Body Condition
  • ACTIVITY: Exercise Needs by Life Stage
  • Puppy Body Condition and Growth
  • Gaining, Losing & Maintaining Weight
  • Senior Body Muscle Maintenance
  • Dealing with Extreme Temperatures
  • Indoor Exercise Strategies
  • ACTIVITY: Cavaletti
  • ACTIVITY: Balance Beam
  • ACTIVITY: Flirt Pole
  • ACTIVITY: Obedience Workout
  • Spotting Injury & Lameness
  • Wrap up: Q & A