First Aid Training for Dogs & Cats!

First Aid Training for Dogs & Cats!

A comprehensive 4-hour first aid workshop aimed at pet owners and pet service professionals, including practice on a demo dog.

Next workshop to be held at the end of summer, join the waiting list here


  • Introduction - workshop overview & meet the hosts
  • Normal vs Abnormal - vital signs, identifying symptoms
  • ACTIVITY: identifying normal vs abnormal cases
  • ACTIVITY: checking vitals on demo dog
  • Basic Wound Care - wound disinfection and bandaging techniques
  • ACTIVITY: bandaging practice on demo dog
  • Muzzles - requirements for different cases, how to choose and measure
  • ACTIVITY: Safety Measures - pet proofing the home, out & about
  • Common Poisons - recognition, and treatment
  • ACTIVITY: First Aid Kit - what should be in it?
  • Urgent vs regular care
  • ACTIVITY: Assessing the urgency & severity of cases
  • Holistic Health - Record keeping, financing, symptom tracking
  • Wrap up: Q & A

Note: Humans, please don't bring your pets, as not all animals may get along!